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Persephone Media

Filmmaking, Videography, Art, Photography

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What's New



We're making a short film and this time around, we need your help! Click the link to donate on GoFundMe. Every bit counts in helping us making our ideas a reality!


When aliki met

Aliki has never been a fan of romcoms, so why did sh elike When Harry Met Sally so much? read her review to find out. 

Screen Shot 2024-01-28 at 12.36.44 PM.png

New dylan bradley

Filming with Dylan is always a treat. Watch Dylan Bradley's new music video for "I'm Sorry" on YouTube, and give him a follow on social media!

Our Story

Our names are Telly and Aliki. We are siblings from Toronto, Canada, and we love film. We began this company 3 years ago in order to create our own opportunities. Just out of school, in the middle of the pandemic, we didn’t see many options for ourselves, but we so desperately wanted to give the creative industry our best shot.


Persephone Media began solely focusing on music videos. Using that springboard as a way to connect with creative people around us, we delved into every genre available to us, ramping up the scale of each project as we went along. Now, we still make music videos. We’ve also added corporate videos, dance videos, photoshoots, and short films to our arsenal. 


We guess you could say our mission is to create art. It’s as simple as that. Storytelling has always felt very natural to us, and we hope to continue to expand and improve as the days go by. 


All we can hope is that someone out there watches what we’ve made. We hope to entertain, impress, and inspire. 

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